A bit late…

… but it’s finally happened.

In what was probably a terrible raid for the other guys but an awesome one for newbie me, this was finally achieved on Sunday (Or was it Monday? Tuesday? Gah I can’t remember anymore. Old age setting in):

Pretty much the only realistic goal I’d set for myself is now completed. I’m a happy man, and it’s all because of this cute night-elf druid that ninja’d me.

Sadly work is keeping me extremely busy, both during work and home time, leaving my time for heroic modes nearly nil. On the upside, today is technically Friday for me, as our government has deemed it appropriate to make tomorrow some obscure public holiday. We get them at random, no-one understands it but no-one really cares. I just hope I can get enough time in to get myself promoted from trialist to full member in my new guild.

Point two – Last night I listened to a rant by one of the other guildies on Teamspeak. He then asked me what I thought so far about my guild. My response was that I was merely happy not to be in charge for a change. Being up there is hard work. The guys below only see raid schedules posted, only hear people screaming in TS, and not the entire picture. So much organisation goes into running a successful raiding guild, and the problem is that you’re trying to micromanage 24 other people that have no real commitment to you other than that they applied to your guild based on the promises you have made or the previous honours you have attained. These guys are not on your payroll (unless you’re a pro team of course), they’re free spirits with their own schedules, habits and ability to not stand in the %#@$ing bad. So not being on top for a change is awesome.

Point 3 – Totally unWoW related. Microcars. They suck. Those tiny little Daihatsus and Daewoos and miscellaneous other pieces of mass-produced crap are invariably driven by either girls that have just gotten their license after the 11th attempt or grannies on their way to the pharmacy. They putter along at 35km/h – apparently the fastest those massive 600cc motors can go – and cause long queues in already peak traffic.

K, rant over. Back to work.


5 thoughts on “A bit late…

    1. 🙂 Yep it is an awesome feeling. Grats on your KS too Ang.
      I had a housemate watching when we got him down. It was hilarious. I’m shouting happy expletives and he goes “But you’re dead. Why are you cheering?”
      Now to get my gear up to spec so I’m actually an asset :p

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