BA Shared: Lessons Learnt in WoW.

My second Blog Azeroth shared post attempt, and this’ll be a very short one because I feel like Arthas at the moment – eg. sitting on a frozen throne, not all-powerful and full of epix.

Lesson learnt: Women like shineys!

Whether you’re walking through a mall and you pass a jewelry store or you’re running your girlfriend’s lowbie warrior through Sepulcher, the result is invariable the same. The one moment she’s there, the next you hear a cry of “Ohhh, shiney!” and have to go rescue her from a Son of Arugal because she ran after that peacebloom node or worse, a jewelry sales attendant hoping to sell her a sparkly necklace you can’t afford. Sadly in real life, unlike WoW, you can’t Rush/Shockwave/loot a shop attendant. Your safest bet is to stealth in behind him, Distract and Sap him, then drag your better half out before he recovers.

Oh, and the fact that I suck as more at grinding gold IRL than in WoW, not that I’m any good at that either… seems shineys of a different kind (geeky gadgets or awesome vanity pets) attract me just as much.

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