Blizz you ninjas!

I’ve been scarce, I know. I’ve just been horribly busy pushing for progression in my guild and trying to get as much betatesting done in Lego Universe (Which I’ll tell you all about once the NDA gets lifted, I swear). And to be honest I don’t have much to post about. The guild’s quite secure, everyone’s peachy and there’s another guild that wants to do joint-25mans in the near future. I also had a great time tanking with a guy I’ve spoken to 100 times ingame but never had the chance to play with.

So the topic today is just something that’s been on my mind for quite a while. Now as some of you may know, my main’s name is Pindleskin – blatantly stolen from Diablo 2. The truth is I couldn’t resist when I made him. I mean cmon, an undead warrior. The character creation screen looks just like him too.

Seems Blizz noticed this though, and struck back with great fury. Here’s how:

The third character I created, shortly after Pindle hit 60 and ages before TBC was even imagined, was a female tauren druid named Keyrah. Soon after the release of The Burning Crusade I was questing through Zangarmarsh when a druid in distress called me over. What would her name be?


Ok so the names are just slightly similar, and once is a coincidence right? If only… With the release of The Burning Crusade, blood-elves came to be. I rolled a male priest, thinking the racial at that time would help. I named him Bloodbane. I got him to 70 way before Wrath was announced, and managed to get him quite far in the raiding scene.

Then Wrath hit. I made a Deathknight purely to see what all the fuss is about. In fact, he’s still only level 72, and will probably stay there for all eternity. What I did find during my quest through the DK starting area was a very interesting NPC by the name of Orbaz Bloodbane. This time he wasn’t the same race (human compared to belf) but the name matched 100%.

Since then I’ve used names that are so obscure that if they were to copy it, I’d know for sure. But 2 for 1 seems fair anyway. So umm… you can stop now Blizzard, I get the point. I won’t use any of your names again.

Images courtesy of and probably copyrighted by Blizzard Entertainment

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