Character Update

So since I’ve been back in WoW I’ve tried to do as much in the little time I’ve got in the evenings. Lessee what I’ve achieved so far:

  • I’ve restructured my guild for more efficient raiding. No more slacking around on Rotface and Festergut. In our first night we managed to oneshot both Putricide and Dreamwalker. We’ve also made good progress on Sindragosa, getting her to about 20% in Phase 3. Not bad for a guild that was still unsure about a guaranteed Rot/Fester kill.
  • My main has gained the On a Boat achievement purely by accident. Also got Exalted with Ashen Verdict finally.
  • I’ve solotanked Gunship (which was HUUUUGE fun) and gained my second piece of T10. Still don’t have 100 randoms though, I’m a damn slow player.
  • My dudu went healing and has reached level 40. Omg it’s actually so much fun as a dudu healer. I throw up a hot or two and loaf in guildchat till it expires. Refresh and loaf some more. Guess my priest is going Shadow again soon.
  • I’ve actually started doing the Argent Tournament dailies. I’m just like a year behind everyone else, nothing serious. I’ve also started selling off all my old Vanilla cloth and items on my auction character and am showing a positive bank balance for once in my life.
  • My rogue is pretty much parked for the meanwhile. He lost a bit of his appeal after the twinky gear ran out and I stopped dominating every dungeon I entered. Now his level 37 abilities are just not enough to keep up with the mages and hunters on AOE.

Not much, but it’s more than I’ve achieved in a long time. Next up I think I’ll continue my Ragnaros-solo mission on my hunter and get my druid to 80 and collect all four sets of gear for her. If you’re on Scarshield Legion or in the same battlegroup, look up Keyrah for a decent healer for your random dungeon 🙂

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