RealID Roundup

I haven’t posted my thoughts on RealID because frankly I couldn’t care less. I use the forums once every 6 months at most for a status update on my guild’s recruitment needs and that’s about it. My guildies all know who I am, what I look like and where I live. It’s no secret.

Yet I totally understand where a lot of people are coming from. If I were an active member of the Blizzard forum community, I’d be outraged too. If, for instance, they decided to put that type of information on the IT forum I inhabit, I’d kindly withdraw myself and go someplace else. Except for most WoWers, there is no place else.

Instead of continuing to say what everyone else has said, here’s a quick roundup of the best posts on RealID I’ve found:

If you don’t read them all, just do yourself a favour and peek at Nagrarok and Greyshades’ work. And if you know of a great post to join these, please let me know.


And just as I thought Angelya was gonna stay out of it, she drops this fairytale bombshell.

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