The Art of Video Games – Games as art

I’ve always believed that video games are an art form, an expression of the artists and developers. The Smithsonian American Art Museum seems to agree with me, and have started with an exhibition of video games through history. Since its initial conception I’ve voted on my favourites and watched as the idea grew from concept to exhibition.

They have done a successful tour with the idea and are now opening a permanent display at the Smithsonian on March 16, 2012. Sadly things like this don’t happen in South Africa so I’m once again left out, but from the pictures it seems quite impressive.  Games like Pac-Man, Super Mario and Myst will be available to play on the original hardware, and the top voted 80 games, including legends such as Pitfall, Minecraft, Portal, Earthworm Jim anad many others, will be viewable through screenshots and play footage.

There’s also a book available, which I’m seriously considering to add to the coffee table. If you’re in the area, definitely go have a look, and send me some pics!

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