Vicious lion attack pics.

So I’ve been away for a few days, and been promising to post this on twitter for quite awhile. Hope you guys enjoy. I’m also breaking my personal vow of not posting real-life pics on anything involving my blogs/gaming. Ah well…

On me holiday I visited Botswana, Lepalahle, and the awesome Mama Tau White Lion Reserve. I saw many awesome animals – Cheetahs, Zebras, Giraffes, plenty of buck, and of course the white lions. Sadly none of these turned out to be tameable, or my Tame Beast wasn’t high enough.

At Mama Tau we first went for a safari-type drive in a Land Rover through the various lion camps. One very brave guy (who went on this trip with his 9mm pistol, the tard) managed to seat himself squarely on my brother’s lap when the above lion yawned.

After the road trip we were allowed to browse around at leisure, during which I ventured into a cage with two very hungry lions. While trying to distract the one, the other snuck up on me from behind and viciously mauled my elbow. Pics below 😀

Safely behind a fence

Dem lions be sneaky

After the attack. Luckily they managed to save the arm.

Needless to say, there was much SQUEEEEE’ing done over the cute cubs.

Back in WoW-land, the guild’s still butting their heads against the Lich King, but improving day by day. We should get further into P2 by the end of the week and hopefully P3/kill next week. More WoW posts later this week too, if I have the energy.

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